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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Three Way to Help You Clean Screen Window
Feb 17 , 2023

To fully enjoy an airy and insect-free environment, it is necessary to clean screen window regularly. Surely you have already noticed that the protective nets that you have installed accumulate dirt. Therefore, to remedy your dirty mosquito net, the first thing you need to know is that there are different cleaning techniques: depending on the model of the mosquito net and about what is needed for cleaning.

Let's find out how to make our mosquito nets dirty, excellent protections sanitized in a moment.

1. Spray Air Jet: It allows you to easily remove dirt and dust for routine sanitation from mobile guidance to the network;


2. Cleaning Removable Screen Window

When you have the option to disassemble the mesh or remove it from the window, cleaning screen window is certainly much easier. One of the most effective ways is to use the action of the detergent together with the direct jet of water, to remove the dirt accumulated on the network. For example:

  • Remove screens from doors and windows and place them on the floor or other flat surface. A tip is to prepare a canvas underneath, so as not to scratch the mosquito net;
  • In a bucket, mix a dish solution with water.
  • Wear rubber gloves and spray the solution with a spray or pour the mixture on the net, the important thing is to impregnate it and let the solution act for a few hours.
  • Direct jet flushing: This action is very important, because thanks to the force of the water jet, along with the purifying action of the detergent, you can clean the dirty mosquito net.

As for the drying period of the mosquito net, the advice is to let it air dry or use a cloth to absorb moisture residues.


3. Clean Non-removable Screen Window

If to clean the mosquito net, you want to avoid disassembling it and at the same time avoid dirtying inside the house with detergent, the best thing to do is to use a tool: a sponge humidified with soap and water or a brush to clean the windows or a brush for clothes. To make sure that the dirty mosquito net becomes clean in all its parts, also use an old toothbrush, to reach even the most hidden corner.

  • Before starting, put a few sheets of newspaper on the windowsill, around the window/door and on the floor to avoid dirtying. Also, start by cleaning the mosquito net from top to bottom, so you will avoid any tearing and splashing.
  • In a bucket, mix a dish solution with water.
  • Put on some rubber gloves and dip your cleaning tool in the cleaner. Excessively impregnating your object is of little use, the important thing is that it is damp to be able to act on your dirty mosquito net.
  • After letting the detergent rest on the mosquito net for a few hours, dip a cloth in water and gently remove the substance. Also make sure that the frame of the door/window or the edge of the mosquito net is completely clean or your task will have been in vain.

For a routine cleaning you can proceed with the use of the vacuum cleaner, which is ideal for removing dust quickly and effectively.

For this reason, we advise you to clean the mosquito nets consistently throughout the year and, if your mosquito nets are removable, to extract them, clean them and then wrap them around newspaper until further use.

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